Friday, June 27, 2008

What it means to work at Mozilla...

When your job is to recruit people, the ability of "selling" your company is usually crucial. Since I've been at Mozilla, I feel like this part of my role has vanished... People simply get excited about the potential idea of working at Mozilla. And with the recent release of Firefox 3, people have gotten even more excited.
So what is it then that makes Mozilla so special? Is it the mission of the Mozilla project? The great products/projects that have emerged from collaborative work between employees and community members? Passion? Devotion? The effectiveness of our "business model"? Our culture?
I would simply say: all of the above!

I will ask that same question to our interns once the summer is over. I'm interested to see how new eyes capture all of what Mozilla has to offer! To be followed in a couple of months...

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