Monday, September 14, 2009

The Mozilla interns now have their own website

The interns website is now live! What is this, shall you ask?

Well, Mozilla has a strong internship program. Period. Over the length of their stay with us, our interns work on highly visible projects and are immersed in our amazing community from day one. The question was how do we share our interns experience with people outside Mozilla ; that is students that would be interested in interning with us in the future.

The solution was

You will be able to browse through all the projects our interns have worked on, find out more about our internship program (co-op opportunities are available too), figure out what schools Mozilla will be visiting, and much more. We're also in the process of adding videos from our interns presentations (coming soon).

A huge thanks to Morgamic for his amazing patience and all his technical expertise. Chris Howse, Sean Martell, Bret Reckard, Erica McClure, and Dan Portillo have been amazing, as usual.

But none of this would have been possible without our 2009 interns who have provided helpful feedback along the way, and played by the rules for the creation of this site. Thank you guys, and it's been a true pleasure having you in our office!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interns Presentations -- Schedule

Did you ever wonder what types of projects interns work on during their internship at Mozilla? If so, you've now got the chance to be in the front row and watch the interns chat live about their projects on Air Mozilla. We'll be having the following interns presenting this week:

* 08/25 at 1pm PST
Aaron Train(QA)
RJ Walsh (Web Dev)
David Tran (IT)
Anant Narayanan (Labs)

* 08/27 at 2pm PST
Jeremy Hiatt (L10n)
Matthew Noorenberghe (Firefox)
Irina Calciu (platform)

Can't make it? Don't worry, we're also going to have the videos available on the interns website in a few weeks.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

College Recruiting for '10 season...

This Fall, Mozilla will be attending the following career fairs:
- CMU on Sept. 15, 2009
- MIT on Sept. 17, 2009
- UT Austin on Sept. 23, 2009
- Stanford on Oct. 6, 2009
- University of Washington on Oct. 29, 2009

The schedule will also be posted on our interns website that should go live by the end of August. The website will provide information on what one can expect by getting an internship at Mozilla, and the type of projects available.

If you're passionate about the web in general and would like to make it a better and safer place, then we definitely want to hear from you. This year, we've hired students in all of our groups: platform (backend development), l10n (Localization), Labs, Firefox (focusing on frontend development for the chrome of the browser), QA, Build, IT, Marketing, AMO (Add-ons), Web Dev, and even Mobile!

You'll get a chance to also watch the presentations of our current interns in a few weeks. They've done an awesome job!

For more info, please feel free to email me!
Until then, we hope you'd stop by our booth and say "hi".

Monday, July 20, 2009

Interns Website

In our willingness to always remain open and share as much info as possible with folks who aren't part of Mozilla, we've decided to create a website for our interns classes this year. The idea is to provide upcoming interns with additional details about our internship program, and therefore create a portal where past and new students can interact. The project is just starting and it's kind of fun to collaborate closely with our interns 09 on this stuff.

The website will include some general info about our internship program, what to expect from Mozilla, but also the possibility to interact with past interns. We'll also have a schedule of the career fairs will be attending in the Fall and the Winter. More importantly, interested students will be able to check out what cool projects our past interns have worked on.

While the project is still in "phase I", we should have a finished product before the end of the summer. Stay tuned for more info!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monte Carlo Night - Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

I can hardly believe that Monte Carlo Night is actually starting in a few hours!
To rewind a bit, this whole journey started when my friend - Dan Portillo - got nominated for the Man & Woman of the Year title with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Read more info about this program here.

We've all been working very hard for this event and we're now all anxious to see how the night is going to turn out. But given the efforts we've put into it, Monte Carlo Night won't be anything less than marvelous!

Hope to see many of you there!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Has it been a year already?

Time always seems to fly by when you're having a great time, and I can still vividly remember the first day the interns stepped one foot onto Mozilla Land. Based on my experience as a CF (i.e. Community Facilitator; aka an RA (Resident Assistant)) during my time at SCU, I was asked to take over our internship program. What a blast it was! The level of passion and excitement of the students was highly contagious!
This year, we're kicking our program off next Monday (May 4th), and we'll have 30 interns joining us for a few months in almost every groups: platform, labs, firefox, marketing, QA, AMO, marketing, legal, IT, build, L10n, security, mobile, metrics, and web dev!

If you're considering joining us next summer, please feel free to contact me at julie[at]mozilla[dot]com. Bret and I will take a little break for now and we'll resume college recruiting (for internships) in September/October. We're however continuously accepting applications for entry level positions. For more info, check out our career page.

Have a great summer, and we look forward to receiving your application for summer '10.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mozilla in Cannes (Palais des Festivals) - January 10, 2009

Mozilla will be at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes this coming Saturday (01/10) to sponsor a Breakdancing event! This is a first for Mozilla and we are thrilled to be present at Break The Floor and cheer up 8 talented teams during the competition.
If interested in watching the show, please send me an email ASAP to obtain a ticket. The show is *almost* sold out so hurry up! As usual, we would love to have some Mozilla fans around! It's always a pleasure to meet community members.

Mozilla sera au Palais des Festivals a Cannes ce samedi soir (10/01) pour sponsoriser un evenement de Breakdancing. C'est une premiere pour Mozilla et nous sommes super contents d'etre present a Break The Floor et d'aller encourager 8 equipes, toutes les plus talentueuses les unes des autres.
Si vous etes de la region PACA et interesses a venir nous rejoindre, merci de m'envoyer un email au plus vite a Cet evenement est *presque* complet donc depechez vous! Comme d'habitude, c'est toujours un grand plaisir de rencontrer des fans de Mozilla.