Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Has it been a year already?

Time always seems to fly by when you're having a great time, and I can still vividly remember the first day the interns stepped one foot onto Mozilla Land. Based on my experience as a CF (i.e. Community Facilitator; aka an RA (Resident Assistant)) during my time at SCU, I was asked to take over our internship program. What a blast it was! The level of passion and excitement of the students was highly contagious!
This year, we're kicking our program off next Monday (May 4th), and we'll have 30 interns joining us for a few months in almost every groups: platform, labs, firefox, marketing, QA, AMO, marketing, legal, IT, build, L10n, security, mobile, metrics, and web dev!

If you're considering joining us next summer, please feel free to contact me at julie[at]mozilla[dot]com. Bret and I will take a little break for now and we'll resume college recruiting (for internships) in September/October. We're however continuously accepting applications for entry level positions. For more info, check out our career page.

Have a great summer, and we look forward to receiving your application for summer '10.