Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why I should never fly with American Airlines again...

Each time I head back home, I always look for good deals online regarding my flight. It's not because of the price itself, but I simply find it fun to do. When you look at your variables -- price and overall comfort -- I must admit this year has been a complete flop! My (poor) choice? American Airlines!

What's wrong with AA? Below is a brief overview:
- an agent at the check-in counter who *yells* at a customer!!!!!!!
- you have to pay for your own snack (I kind of understand that one, but still)
- the space allocated for the carry-on luggage isn't big enough! What?!?
- where is my individual screen?
- since when stewardesses hide behind a curtain to avoid passengers' requests? I'm sorry, but are they enjoying some PTO during their flight?
- the flush button in the toilet is actually hidden on the wall. I don't feel like I should comment anymore on that one...

Conclusion of the story: I'm never flying with AA again! [expect for my flight back to SF... ;)]